Can You Tell?

Many times I wonder
As I go throughout the day,
Can you tell that I am special,
When you look my way?

Can you tell that I am different,
When you look into my eyes,
And see the tiny Brushfield spots,
That sparkle when I smile?

When you see my chubby little hands,
The line so deep and long,
Can you tell that I'm unique,
When I sign to you in song?

Can you tell by looking at my face,
So sweet and full of joy,
That I'm as precious as they come,
Mommy's Little Boy?

And Daddy's Little Girl
When she dances all around,
Can you tell by the way she twirls,
In her ballerina gown?

Can you tell by my expressions,
By the way my body moves,
By the little things that differ,
From the children known to you?

Can you tell that I'm a blessing,
Sent from up above,
To live here on this earth with you,
And fill your world with love?

Can you tell that I have feelings,
The same as all of you,
Sometimes I laugh, sometime I cry,
My heart is human, too.

Can you tell that I am worthy?
Do you see me less than whole?
I hope you can appreciate,
My selfless perfect soul.

My love is unconditional,
Loyal 'til the end.
Can you tell that I am capable,
Of being your best friend?

Can you tell that just like other kids,
I love to run and play.
But, at times I need to do these things,
In my special way.

Don't judge from my appearance,
There are differences, it's true.
But, when you really think of it,
Can you tell I'm just like you?

by Becky Bowen


  1. Yeah, you got me crying before bed again. That is so precious.

  2. what a beautiful poem! One of the best for DS that I've read so far.

  3. That's beautiful, Linda--thanks for posting it.