Go Lila Go!

Tonight Lila stood up by herself in the middle of the living room, took her daddy's hand with ONE of her hands while taking 7 steps, and completely let go when moving from the couch to the coffee table. YAY! She's getting closer and closer. (It's just so hard to be patient when most of the kids she's around all of the time are walking.)


  1. And soon you'll be going, oh my goodness, why did I ever want her to walk. Actually, no, you may not. I don't think she will be able to run faster than she can crawl! She can really go!

  2. Hold on, because as soon as she gets the hang of it (which is right around the corner) she will be hard to catch! I so remember the days - especially since it was a few months ago - that I didn't think Matthew was close to walking. I knew he would get there before his 3rd birthday in May. Boy did I under estimate him. Lila will do the same. I bet she is walking long distances by next month. Way to go Lila! Keep up the good work.