Rainy Day Ramblings

I've been working on my New Year's cards since I woke up this morning. I think I'm about finished with them. I'm kindof bummed because when I created the card on Snapfish I did everything that I could with the picture but Lila still has red-eye. Oh, well, it's better than not sending a picture at all. I wanted to have a recent family taken during the short time that we were all together but that didn't work out. On Thursday, the night that we celebrated Justin's 21st birthday, we didn't eat the cake until 11 pm. (We had to eat it that night because he was leaving for school the next morning.) Lila was sick; she had horrible diarrhea all day long. We went through 5 outfits that day. We were just getting ready to have appetizers when she had another blowout. The worst one of the day. Poor little thing- I wrapped her up in a plastic bag and carried her upstairs to the bathtub. Her little butt was so red we decided to give her an Aveeno bath. Tif and I bathed her, Justin hung out in the bathroom with us, and Nick put the salmon on the grill because it was getting late. That's when we noticed her stomach- it was distended and hard. I called my mom, then called our pediatrician. They both said to take her to the emergency room. We ate very quickly and were getting ready to leave for the hospital when Tiffani suggested that we look at her stomach one more time before we left. Her stomach had gone down considerably and was no longer hard. I called the pediatrician back and he said that it wasn't necessary to take her in. She was probably having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic that she was on and since she hadn't taken it for a few hours the effects were going away. I believe that he was right, but I also know that my entire family was praying for her and in a matter of 10 minutes things changed drastically. We said a prayer for Lila and put her to bed. The rest of the evening was nice- even though it was so late- we sat at the kitchen table eating ice cream cake and listening to Justin's stories from Africa.

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  1. I remembered another story from Africa...i'll have to tell you next time we're on the phone or something, it has to do with eating grasshoppers...(i told you my eating habits changed when I was gone!)