Tiffani watched Lila last night so that Nick and I could go out. A very rare occurrence, by our own choosing. We had a lot of fun. I was taking some pictures this morning when I noticed that Tif had taken some last night. And she might be mad at me for posting this but I think it's cute so here it is. I love the way Lila's looking at her. She adores her big sister and it shows.

Here's my favorite:

Thanks, Tif.



  1. Yes, I like the second by my fav is the first. That grin is adorable.

  2. Wellll I'm glad LILA looks cute... because what is going on with my wide eyes and double chin... that'll show me not to delete ;)

    Love you Lady.

  3. Ok, nobody noticed a double chin til you mentioned it. Then I went looking and still didn't find it. Silly girl.