Today hasn't been the absolute worst day but it's not been a great one. Lila's really congested- and about to chew her fingers off- I wish those two teeth would break through already! Here's a little taste of our day so far:

Lila crawled out of her room (which she never does- she'd rather shut herself in) while I was taking a potty break in the next room- crawled right past the bathroom door and I guess forgot the stairs were there? Fell down the first flight of stairs and didn't make a sound. I'm trying to pull my pants up-forgot to wipe- pleasant- and by the time I get to her she figures out she's mad at ME! I guess I pushed her down those stairs. I'm telling her that I'm sorry, trying to pick her up while she's pushing me away telling me "No! No!"

We're about to walk out the door for physical therapy when- of course- she poops. I'm changing her diaper when I realize that she has poop all over her clothes. Change her clothes, get her in the car, drive to therapy. Can't find a parking spot. Knock my full glass of iced tea over with my purse. Lila doesn't want to get out of her car seat. She tries to bite me. An elderly man in the elevator can't remember what floor he's going to so he pushes all of the buttons hoping that he'll recognize the right floor when he sees it. He doesn't. We get out on the 5th floor and wish him luck. Sign in at the therapy center- only 3 minutes late. Good. Wait for about 15 minutes- the longest we've ever waited- so I ask if everything's okay. The response- oh, yes, Mrs. Nargi, you're early today! SERIOUSLY? I get out my calendar and we discover that they forgot to call me to tell me that the appointment had been pushed back 1/2 hour. Great. After therapy we went to Walgreens pharmacy to get more teething tablets. I sat Lila on the counter while I got my wallet out- she proceeded to throw her head back and hit it on the stand of the computer/cash register keyboard. Mom of the year award for me. On the way home from Walgreens Lila decides that she DOES want to get out of her car seat. Unfortunately the car is moving. I don't know how she got her arms under those straps but she did. I pull over to fix the straps. 2 ambulances and a fire truck are trying to come through. People are trying to pull over to let them pass but I'm in the way. Finally make it home, read stories, put Lila in bed. Hope to get some peace and quiet.

I just knocked my full glass of water over on the coffee table. So much for the newspaper.



  1. Ok, I'm exhausted after reading that! ROFL. Hope the day gets better!

  2. Oh how I hate days like this. Not much to do but take a minute to quiet yourself and find your peace and move on. I pray your day improves drastically. And that Lila gets those teeth in. Poor baby. Poor mama!! I love you!

  3. Bless your heart. I have so been there. It will get easier. Hang on tight. {{{HUGS}}}

  4. Wow - you did have a hectic day!! Wishing you a safe travels to Texas. I hope Lila can go with you!

  5. "She tried to bite me." - Single greatest line in this blurb.

    I'm sorry your day was soo fantastics...me calling somewhere in between that probably didn't help much...and you forgot to say that I "Punk'd" you!