Out with the old, in with the new. Wish it were that simple.

Lila's old speech therapist, Kelly, started her own business and doesn't take insurance so we are trying a new speech therapist at the therapy center. (Isn't it sad how finances made that decision?)We absolutely love, love, love Kelly. Unfortunately we can't afford to pay out of pocket or even out-of-network so the decision was made for us. Find a new therapist. Yesterday was Lila's first visit with Miss Judy. I was surprised at how quickly Lila warmed up to her. Judy is PROMPT trained, which is a huge reason that we requested her. Usually Lila doesn't like anyone touching her face- especially her mouth- but for some reason she didn't fight Judy at all. Last night when we got home Lila was "prompting" herself- touching her lips and making sounds. Even though her sounds didn't correspond with her prompts, it was hilarious. And of course we're prejudiced but we thought it was pretty impressive as she'd only been to one PROMPT session!

Another day, another small victory. We'll take it.



  1. Linda--we need some referrals for private speech therapists for Sammi. Can you please send me Kelly's and Judy's contact information? I'll see if one of them takes our insurance.

  2. I'll say it's impressive!! She is just so smart.

  3. That's awesome! Way to go Lila!!

  4. Hey! I would have emailed you, but I couldn't find your address. LOL

    Anyway, you should totally do Weight Watchers with your friend!! No one sees your weight but the worker, and she writes it down in your book. You don't even see your own weight! And believe me, there will be people smaller than you and bigger than you, and everyone is there for the same reason!

    Good luck!! :)

  5. Hi Linda! I know what you mean about changing speech therapists because my Liliana's therapist just told us today that she resigned which means they will send us someone new. It's always hard, but obviously your Lila responded very well. Keep up the good work!