Happy Easter!

I hope to catch up on blogging soon. Until then, I wanted to post some pictures of Lila in her Easter dress.

Lila and her daddy

Lila and her Easter bunny

Right after I got this shot she tossed the flower across the room.

Striking a pose- she's so sick of pictures!

As I take more and more pictures, I am convinced that I want a new camera. A better camera. Oh, and to sign up for a photography class.

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter.

Sending love on such a blessed day~



  1. We are having a Happy Easter, thanks! She is so beautiful. Oh yeah, Nick is ,too!!!! Love you.

  2. Happy Easter, love Lila's dress - so sweet!

  3. Aww what a cutie! She is so photogenic!

  4. Beautiful! I love the black and white picture! She looks like an angel!

    As far as cameras go, I bought a fancy one last year. The best part about it is that it has no lag time, so I get to snap the picture immediately. It also has a "burst" feature where I can take actions shots sequentially by holding down the button. Love it. But I really haven't tried out all the features yet. I think I need a class too!

  5. Oh my...she's simply a doll! I hope things clear up for her on the ENT front!

  6. I bought the same camera as Becca - and I love it! I've been so happy with it (the lag time being gone is such a blessing!)