The ever-changing life

For one week these two precious (crazy) kids will be home at the same time. Justin is coming home today from Eastern University in Pennsylvania. In one week Tiffani will fly out to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to work at the Heart Six Ranch, just like she did last summer.

Life is ever-changing. As the kids grow up and go on with their lives, our moments together seem to be few and far-between. That's why I intend to cherish the next 7 days.

Proud to be their mama~



  1. Have a great time with them this week!!!

  2. you must be thrilled!! what beautiful children...all the way around.

  3. Enjoy your time Linda! You have amazing kids:)

  4. I'm so glad you get this time with them. I hear ya on the together moments getting farther and fewer. It's sad.

    I am proud to be their aunt, just wish I could see them more often and even more wish they could get together with my kids more often. More often than every 12 yrs???? Is that how long it's been since the four of them have been together? So sad. So very sad.

    You are forgiven for not posting this week. :] But I will miss your posts.

    Love you guys!