Monday Morning Ramblings

Webster's definition of feisty:

Tenacious, energetic, spunky; Belligerent; prepared to stand and fight, especially in spite of relatively small stature or some other disadvantage

definition of feisty:

She looks so innocent, right? Well, looks can be deceiving. This kid is so feisty. I love when people say "Oh, kids with Down Syndrome are so loving and happy. So much easier than typical kids." Really? Loving and happy, yes. Easy? Come on over to my house, honey, I'll show you easy.

Last week Lila was eating lunch. She wanted her juice but wouldn't say please. Here is the short version of the story.

Me: Do you want your juice?
Lila: Yes
Me: Well, say please.
Lila: Silence
Me: Lila- say please and I'll give you your juice.
Lila: Silence
Me: Come on, Lila, say please and I'll give it to you.
Lila: NO!
Me: That's fine- I'll wait until you can say please.

She starts playing with her fingers, toes, shirt, cheeks, you name it she's playing with it. She won't look at me. So after about 3 minutes I got up and walked out of the kitchen leaving her in her high chair. Finally she said please.

Yesterday we were eating dinner and she was sitting by her dad. She kept sticking food behind her in her high chair and throwing it on the floor. After some conversation about how we don't throw food, etc, he was trying to get her to acknowledge what he said to her. We don't throw food, Lila. Okay? Say "yes, daddy". Pretty much the same thing happened- she wouldn't do it, wouldn't do it, wouldn't do it. Finally she said "uh-huh". As soon as he looked away from her she said "huh-uh".

I could go on and on with examples. The kid has spunk. And thank God that she does. She needed it when I was pregnant with her and the doctors kept telling us that she probably wouldn't make it. She proved them wrong with her feisty self. I try to remind myself that it's a good thing she has so much spunk and determination. Sometimes it drives me crazy, though.

Hug your feisty kids today~



  1. Oh yes, she has spunk. Good thing her mother is spunky also! Feisty is a good definition for you, too, and Lila needs a feisty mom so she can be all she was born to be. Hang in there, feisty mom, cuz you have an amazing girl there.

    And it's good to have you back posting again! I missed you.

  2. I think Aidan would love to meet Lila! He's a bit on the feisty side these days too!

  3. I didn't receive a hug today. As your first-born feisty child, I'm hurt by this.


  4. Hahaha! This sounds sooooooo familiar! I LOVE our feisty kids!