What a great day!

We had a great day today. Lila had OT at 9:00, a play date at 10:30 and another play date at 11:30 at the same park. Lila had so much fun! At the beginning of the day, she wasn't too sure about the slide. (She had never gone down by herself.) Here she is contemplating whether or not she wants to go down the slide. The "little kids" slide. Olivia is patiently waiting for her.

Finally she decided to let go and slide down.

Apparently Lila was ready to move on pretty quickly. This is the biggest slide in the park. As you can see, she didn't start out on the smallest slide, she started in the middle. She considered going down on her tummy.

She reconsidered and decided to go down on her bottom.
(Not the best quality picture but I needed them to tell the story)
After that picture I had to put my camera down. See the slide to the right? It's the biggest slide at the park. Big boys, approximately 4 to 5 years old, were scared to go down the biggest slide. But not my girl! She climbed right up there. I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. She climbed up to the biggest slide and let go. I was at the bottom, trying to convince her to go to one of the smaller slides. Yeah, right. I couldn't really move- I knew that when she came flying down that big slide it was essential that I was waiting to catch her at the bottom. The drop-off at the end was more than a foot. Little dare-devil. Wonder where she gets that from? Hee Hee

Here's my happy, filthy girl at the end of the day.

Into the bath she went.

YAY! I love bath time!

No more Bethany. No more fancy schmancy pictures for us. We're back to good ole' snapshots on this blog. : )




  1. What a sweet girl. My Sydney LOVES slides! She gives my arms quite a workout by continually putting her back up to the top of the slide to go down again and again and again. It looks like you had a great time at the park!

  2. Slides and baths... sounds like a winning combination. She's super cute!

  3. Woo hoo, Lila!!!! That's so cool! I love that she has that little daredevil streak (aside from the multiple heart attacks she'll give you)! I'm so glad Steve and Samantha ran into you at the park yesterday (I asked Sammi if she played with Lila yesterday, and she shouted, "YES!" She adores Lila). He takes her there most days after school. We'll turn him into a playground mom in no time.