The past two days........

Nothing exciting happening but here's a quick update:

Miss Lila didn't sleep well on Tuesday night so you know what that meant for the rest of the house. She was up at 12 something, 1 something, 3 something, 4 something...... you get the idea. Because of this I walked around in a daze for most of the day yesterday. We ran out of Tylenol- how does that happen? We know that we can't give her Motrin right now- which we have about 3 bottles of- but apparently it didn't dawn on us as we poured the last drops out of the Tylenol bottle that we needed to get more. Perhaps because it happened in the dark of night, I'm not sure. We discovered it after lunch. My dad was already at the store so we called him. He wasn't exactly sure what to get so he asked the pharmacist. She told him Infant Tylenol. It takes a lot more Infant Tylenol than Children's Tylenol so I decide to take it back and exchange it for Children's Tylenol. I made a list of the things I needed, went to the store, returned the Infant Tylenol, got everything on the list and came home. I'm sure you might have already figured out that I never wrote Children's Tylenol on the list. I guess I figured since I was carrying the Tylenol to return it that surely I wouldn't forget to get the replacement. I did.

Fast forward to dinner, Lila was pretty much refusing to eat. She ate a few bites of bread and some rice pudding. There's some nutrition for ya. I put her to bed and she was up 2 times within 2 1/2 hours. Crying uncontrollably. Refusing to drink anything. I was sitting in the rocking chair with her and I said " I have to go potty, can I put you in your bed?" She said "No." Nick had come upstairs to check on us and left the bathroom light on. I wanted him to come back up and shut it off so I leaned toward the monitor and said, "Nick. Nick. If you can hear me will you please come upstairs and turn the bathroom light off?" Lila leans forward and says in a hushed voice, "Nick." Then a little louder. " Nick." And louder still "NICK!" Finally, as loud as she can: "NNNNNNNIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!" Then she looks up at me with raised eyebrows and says "Daddy". She cracks me up.

11:30 p.m. I was checking my e-mail before I went to bed. I thought Nick was in bed when he suddenly appeared in the kitchen with a weird look on his face. "Please tell me this is not a tick in my crotch area." It was. We spent the next 30 minutes removing the tick that is now in our freezer. What a crazy day.

Today we went to Lila's school for her end of year party. For the past few days there's been about a 3 hour window in the morning when Lila is pretty happy so I decided to take her to the party. She was so funny when I brought her into the playroom to get ready. She was so excited that she got to wear a dress! So funny- I never even thought about that- we have kept her in pajamas so she'd be comfortable and I guess she was sick of it! She wanted to wear real clothes. She was kicking her feet and clapping her hands. Then I put her shoes on and she didn't take them off until I got her ready for bed tonight. She hates shoes! Every time we get in the car she takes her shoes off- no matter how long she's had them on.

Finally eating!

Hanging out in her classroom.
Lila with her teachers.

I know this post is all over the place- I'm blaming it on sleep deprivation. In other news......
We are so thankful that Lila is feeling better. We have been having such a good time with my parents here. Tiffani will be here in the morning. Life is good.




  1. In a few months you will hardly even remember this but for now.... sleep deprivation is sooooo hard!! and knowing that Lila is hurting is hard, too, I know. I'm sorry you guys have to go through this but I'm glad mom and dad are there and I believe in the long run you will be thankful you had this done.

    So the tick. Are you going to take it in?? or just leave it in your freezer for a good story?

    It's funny how getting out and doing something different helps make one feel better. Gets your mind off the pain and yuck. I'm so glad Lila got to go for the party. One of the things we've been praying for so another answer to prayer. God is good! Even when she's waking up and keeping everyone else up, too!

    I pray you can get sleep tonight and enjoy your time with Tiff.

    Oh, and that Tylenol thing I can so relate!

  2. I could totally relate to talking quietly in the monitor to my husband. I hope that Lila is feeling better! I hope that you get some sleep. So glad that Lila got to have some fun.

  3. Did you sing to Nick that you'd like to check him for ticks?? Just wondering.

  4. I'm so glad she is starting to feel better!! She looks so cute in that first picture, I can't believe how much she is changing!!

    I have totally gone into the store for one very important item and left without it!

  5. Lila is soooooo funny! I love that she was yelling Nick's name. hehehehe. It sounds like the end of year party at school was just what she needed to say bye bye to feeling yucky (I hope!). Yeah, Steve had a similar tick story. Man, we're finding ticks just walking around the house like they own the place. Apparently the Lymes ticks are really, really tiny, so if you were able to find the tick and remove it, chances are it's just your run of the mill blood sucker. I HATE ticks. Do they have any place in the ecology? I can't imagine they serve any purpose. Okay...done ranting.

    Anyway, I'm so glad to hear Lila's feeling better, and hope that maybe THIS weekend she and Sammi can play together??? Drop me a line... :-)

  6. I'm glad she is feeling better and eating again. She is such a cutie! (But I'm sure sleep deprivation makes her JUST a bit less cute!)

  7. Hope things are much better by now--it looks like she had a great time at school!