My current dilemma

So here's the situation. My fish oil says it's odorless and burp-free. Total lies. I have this horrible taste in my mouth. To cover the taste I keep eating chocolate covered almonds. Hmmm......

This is my biggest problem so far today. Life is good.


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  2. I use Omega 3 fish oil from Puritans Pride and never have any trouble! What kind do you use?

  3. That cracked me up! I use krill oil and I don't have that prob but I have with other kinds and know what you are talking about. The chocolate covered almonds is a great idea! I've been using the Belgium chocolates Jaralei brought back for me. : ) I'll bring you some to try. Maybe you can make a trip to pick some up and help you with your fish oil problems.

    I really, really want to read what Justin commented!!

  4. You can get one that is enteric coded. Also sometimes liquids don't taste fishy. If you need more info email me.

    ps. love your site