Sweet girls

Last night we had a BBQ with some friends. There were 4 families represented. I say represented because no family was complete. One family was missing two daughters, another family was missing a mother and a daughter, another was missing a mother and we were missing a daughter and a son. We had a great time- kids running around, men yelling while watching sports (scaring the crap out of Lila), good food and a lot of fun.

Daddy and Lila at our friend's house

Miss Lila was such a good girl

After we were finished eating one of the older girls came home. One after another, 3 of her friends arrived. Lila went to meet them at the door and soon they were all sitting on the floor near the front door playing with Lila. They were letting her play with their bracelets, their keys, their cell phones and anything else Lila wanted to play with. Then they started singing songs with her. It was so funny listening to them try to remember songs from their childhoods. Lila was eating it up, singing along and dancing. It was so cute- I wanted to take a picture but it would have ruined the moment. They sat and played with her for 20 minutes or more. All 4 girls just graduated from high school and are headed to college within the next 2 weeks. They could have walked right past her and proceeded to do whatever they were planning to do. But they didn't. Those sweet girls made Lila's night. Mine too. When we got home, Lila wanted to play some more. Here's a picture of her running away from her daddy when he was trying to get her ready for bed.

Have a great day everyone!




  1. LOVED this and the Justin story - thank you! (Oh and good job with the shopping! ;) )

  2. sounds like a great time. love that last photo

  3. I love her outfit! So pretty.


  4. Sweet photos. She's such a beautiful girl!