Just Because.....

Time for a quick "gratitude" post- quick not because I'm short on gratitude, just short on time.

I'm grateful that Lila's teachers care about her very much.

I'm grateful that Lila gets go of my hand, takes her teacher's hand, and walks happily into her school every morning.

I'm grateful that when school is over, when she sees me, she tries to run to meet me.

I'm grateful that my husband cares about the little things.

I'm grateful that when Justin calls home he wants to talk to his little sister.

I'm grateful that Tiffani called today as I was picking Lila up from school asking if I was coming straight home so that she could see her little sister before she left for class.

I'm grateful that even though I don't get to see my family very often, I feel their love every single day.

Last but not least, I'm grateful that the plans for Lila's birthday party are coming together.

I am a blessed woman!


1 comment:

  1. Isn't it grand to be a blessed woman?? God is so good.

    I'm glad you can feel my love. : )