Orthotics and Walking Shoes

A few people have asked me to give details about Lila's orthotics. We paid $800 for the pair. Our insurance covered $152 of that. Not great but better than nothing.

Here they are:
Unfortunately, these are the only shoes they fit into.

So I guess that means she won't be wearing these very often.

In other news, the threat of Swine Flu has me washing Lila's hands even more often. Poor little thing, she's not tall enough to reach the sink so I end up holding her which I'm sure hurts her stomach. I finally found a stool for her today. A princess stool. She loves it. Here's a picture of the top of it. My niece, Jaralei, has called Lila "The fairest of them all" since she was born.

This one's for you, Jaralei.

Washing her face too- a girl can't be too careful, you know!

She's very serious about hand-washing.

Love this one on her tippy-toes.

I still owe pics of vacation and first day of school. Soon.




  1. Wow look at all your shoes Lila. I have orthotics just like yours but I did not get those cute little stickers to tell me which shoe to put them into. I love your stool.

  2. those look like great orthotics! what are they called? Noah hates to wear his!

  3. Love the pics!!!! She is getting so big! Cant believe she is going to be 3!!! She is the Fairest Of Them All!!!!

  4. Oh wow i can't believe you found that stool, it's adorable! Fantastic.

  5. She has more shoes than me! That stool is so perfect. I've always loved that Jaralei called her the fairest of them all because it is so fitting. And now a stool to remind her of that. I can't believe you found one that says that, either. So cool. Such a big girl to be able to wash her own hands!

  6. Can you imagine the shoes Lila will have as a teenager? My job working at Nordstrom did not help me curb my shoe obsession.

    I love the pictures. Lila is such a cutie.

  7. Nichole has orthos too and...we own the same pair of shoes, the ONLY ones that would fit her feet with orthos. :)
    Good business for Stride Rite! (And we tried every single pair of shoes at the store!)

  8. Love the stool! Great hand washing, Lila:) Her orthotics are much more svelt than Matty's. His are huge!

  9. We are having trouble with the step stool, too...did you get that one at HomeGoods?

  10. Oh.. Gr8.. I like the styles and specially orthotics.. Good idea :)