What keeps me sane....................

My family! That's what keeps me sane. And conversations like this.

Tif: Mom, I'm at Target. Do you need anything?
Me: Yes, I do. Thanks for asking. I need 2 things. Wait, maybe 3. Possibly 4."

I start naming the things I need, and Tif says:

"Mom, can you just text all that to me? You're driving me insane, I'm not gonna lie."

Love her!


  1. I love her too and you! I am praying for you. I know you and Nick will figure out what is best for Lila!

  2. So...you're saying that by driving one kid insane, the result is that you are sane?

    Ha! I need to try that out sometime!
    And I need some thing from Target too...

    As for Lila and school, have you considered a shortened school day? Can you cut back to an hour or so, and then gradually add in 10 or 15 minutes at a time as she gets better acclimated to the classroom?

  3. ahhh this makes me sound horrible, but really you were rambling and drivin' me crazy :) I love you Lady!

  4. But, Tiff, at least you don't lie. and you couldn't be horrible.