Wonder Pets have the right idea......

I love the show "Wonder Pets", their theme song is so catchy. "What's gonna work, teamwork, what's gonna work, teamwork!" Lila loves to sing that song and I love the way she says "work", is sounds like "Wook". It's so cute.

Speaking of teamwork, I love the way my husband and I work as a team most of the time. I say most of the time, because, well, ya know, nothing's perfect. : ) Lila's school starts at 7:50 a.m. and on a good day it's a 20 minute drive to her school. Add to that the fact that if we leave the house any later than 7:18 we sit behind every school bus in the neighborhood, and you'll figure out that Lila has to get up pretty early! So do her parents. : ) Nick wakes Lila up around 6:30 a.m. on school days. He gives her time to wake up then gets her out of bed and she stumbles in to say good morning to me with a sleepy hug. Nick and Lila have breakfast together while I pick out her clothes and pack her backpack with diapers, wipes and snacks. Then Nick gets her ready for school and puts her in the car. She always says, "Love you, daddy" and gives him a big kiss with her hands on each side of his face. It's so sweet. As we're backing out of the driveway, he stands in the doorway and they wave to each other the whole time.

I am so blessed to have a husband that helps so much. Some women I know have to do most, if not all of the "home stuff". I'm thankful that my husband doesn't leave everything to me.



  1. I thought about this post and started to feel badly about what I wrote. I'm not putting anyone else down, just bragging on my husband. : )

  2. You should never feel bad about bragging on a great husband. If you have something great, you definitely need to shout it from the rooftops.

    If I didn't have a great guy I'd be asking if you husband had a twin.

  3. Wonderful! I'm in that same boat, and consider myself very lucky as well. Teamwork is so important. This was a lovely post, Linda--are you gonna make Nick read it? :-)

  4. Oh goodness, I just read your comment--why would you feel bad? This is your blog, your life, you can brag any time you want! You have a relationship that's unique and amazing, and you should absolutely share your happiness. If people didn't enjoy hearing about it and if they didn't smile at the end of your post, then they can just stop reading, right? I use my blog as my bragging outlet. Yes, sometimes I feel bad, but I just want to share the things that make me happy or proud, and I figure it's more for me anyway, but I'm happy that people like to read along and share my joy. Okay, I'm done talking now. hahahaha