Miss Lila

Blogging has obviously been at the bottom of the list lately. Things have been so busy and I constantly find myself running out of time. I have a pretty long list of things I need to blog about. Maybe I should start with some summer playdates, or our vacation to Wyoming and Utah in AUGUST. Yes, August. There was Lila's birthday party in September, the Buddy Walk last week, a trip with friends to NYC this week and Lila's first costume party last night. Unfortunately my laptop took a dump while I was in NYC and I don't have any way to edit pictures right now. Fortunately we think it's just the back light so that should be pretty easy to fix. Should be. We'll see. Since I can't post pictures I have decided to do a little bragging about our little princess. She is doing so well with her speech. (Did I mention that we started her on Ginkgo Biloba?) It amazes me how she tries to say everything that we say. Little copy-cat. Like tonight when Tiffani said, "OH CRAP!" and Lila turned around and said, "Oh, crap!" It was pretty funny. She has some issues with words that are more than one syllable, especially names for some reason. Last night we were on the way to a birthday/costume party and we were going over the names of the kids that were going to be there. We started with Sammi and Nika. For Sammi she says "Mammi" and for Nika she says "Kika". You can break it down for her and say "Ni" and then "Ka" and she says it right. But if you say it all at once you get "Kika". So we're working on that. I guess a strong point for her right now would be stringing words together. It's so awesome. If someone walks out of a room, like her dad for example, she will say, "Where daddy go?" Or if she doesn't understand something that's going on she will say, "What you doing daddy?" Today she was turning on the stereo (which is a big no-no) and after I made her turn it off again she looked around and said, "Where my water go? Oh, here it is!" I love the way her language is exploding. She is also doing so much better with gross motor skills, absolutely not a strong point for her in the past. Last week at PT she walked down 5 stairs, by herself, holding the hand rail. So cool. Last night she walked around in her Snow White costume all night long. A long dress. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about her wearing it. I packed regular clothes for her and I was certain that we'd be putting them on her sooner rather than later. All that worry for nothing. We stayed at that party until 10:30 p.m. and she walked around in that dress the entire time. Gotta love progress. Oh, OH! I almost forgot about one little thing. For over a year we have been trying to get Lila to ride one of those little "ride-on" toys. You know the ones, you can either push them or ride on them but they don't have any pedals. Lila has never gotten the concept of moving forward on one of those toys. She always pushes backwards. Even when you take her legs and move them for her- as soon as you move your hands, she's reverts to pushing backwards. Last week our PT, Carla, asked if Lila had gotten the hang of that yet. "No", I replied, "But I would love if you would work with her on that. Whatever we are doing just isn't working." So Carla went and got one. You know what's coming, right? Lila climbed onto the toy and started moving forward. She made a liar out of me right then and there. I was thrilled! We went out into the hallway and she rode the little toy down the hall. I was so excited that I asked Carla if she would go and get one with pedals. She just shook her head and said, "Don't you think she you should give her a little time to master this skill?" Ahhhhh, the voice of reason. I'll wait a couple of weeks and ask again. : )

Here are a couple of unedited pictures from the party last night. Not the greatest pics but great memories!

Friends Kelly and Pat

Lila and her mama

The fam minus Justin at the party

Lila in her Snow White costume


I will sign off now in anticipation of what could be a long night. Lila is upstairs coughing, congested and snotty. She hasn't had a fever, thank God, but is miserable. Hopefully she will sleep through the night. We have the vaporizer on in her room and have rubbed her down with eucalyptus rub. I will keep her home from school tomorrow, as a precaution. So far it hasn't turned into anything worse than a cold. We are pumping her full of Vitamin D3 and I think it's working. I've also been doing some research on Vitamin C and we will start her on that tomorrow.

Hopefully I will be able to edit pictures soon. I have much to catch up on, and some exciting things to share. Good things are happening.




  1. Love the Snow White costume - so adorable! Sounds like Lila's doing really well with her speech - my goodness, sentences!!! Hooray!

    BTW - how do you give her gingko? is it in capsules?

  2. Ahhhhh. that's my sigh of relief to have you back! What fun catching up. She's grownup so much just since Aug. She's actually changed her bedtime to.... 10:30!! Oh my goodness. JK. I pray she recovers soon.

    and I just have to say that pic of Kelly and Pat is hilarious. Too real looking.

    The others of course are beautiful. Such a wonderful family.

    Thanks for taking the time and updating some even with a sick Lila. Love you!

  3. Wow thanks for all of the updates. She is doing great. I love to hear all of the things that she is saying. So interesting that you started her on Ginko. Sound like you are into natural health products!! I love the snow white outfit, that's what my daughter is going to be as well. Again, I think it's great that she is doing so well. Congrats

  4. I will probably send you an e-mail latter (if I have time today) but would love to know more about the Ginko Bilboa Lila is taking. Maybe you can blog about it! LOL

  5. What progress!! I think the Ginkgo is a great. Goldie takes it and the changes we've seen have been in her speech. I hope she is feeling better soon.

  6. So much to say, so little time. Being as though I have already talked to you about all of this, I'll stop here. LOL. Just wanted to make my presence known. Oh, BTW, WTF is the picture of Batgirl? Seriously. Hmph.