Random happenings at our house........................

Things have been pretty busy at our house lately. I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I've basically hired Lila as my assistant.

On her breaks she watches videos. Here she is figuring out how to turn on the DVD player.

Apparently I need to teach her how to do laundry- it's really stacking up!

My husband has been working hard on preserving the last of the tomatoes from his garden.
(Hey- I warned you this was random)

This squirrel isn't helping with the process.
(Nick probably won't see the humor in this)

All in all, things are going okay. I am busy helping with the final preparations for the Buddy Walk, which is next weekend. I had been really dreading the Buddy Walk because the majority of our family either lives too far away or they are too busy to come walk with us. I'm no longer dreading it. Nick's work "family" has stepped up to the plate in a big way. We have people signing up on Lila's team that we've never even heard of. I have no idea if they will actually show up or not but the fact that they care enough to go on our Buddy Walk page and donate to the cause is awesome. Some ladies from one of Nick's departments are having a bake sale tomorrow to raise money for our team. We are so blessed.

After the Buddy Walk is over we will dive head-first into Lila's IEP and the over-stimulation issues at school. That's a post for another day.




  1. Great to have you back!! I miss your posts when you are too busy but I understand.

    We came home to a table full of tomatoes that Jaralei rescued before the freeze. In a dark closet under newspaper is what we've found to work best for ripening so I will be losing closet space today.

    I love the squirrel pic and of course the pics of your assistant are adorable.

  2. We ARE blessed... even though the 'tough' times I know that things are going to be good.

    "As long as everyone is ok, its nothing more than a bad day."

    Love you mom.

  3. You have the absolute cutest assistant we have ever seen! We thoroughly enjoyed the random happenings for today.

    We've contacted your local police to put out a BOLO for that tomato-stealing squirrel. He's pretty brazen. His community service can be that he must do your laundry.

    Good luck on the Buddy Walk. If we were there you know we'd be walking with Team Lila.