12 Days of Giving- Day 10

Life with Bubba, Chicky and Nika

On the 10th day of Giving, I had the privilege of riding along to North Carolina with my friend Bethany. She had gone to great lengths to make her 10th Day of Giving spectacular. You can read about it here.

Bethany and I had a great time together, even though she made me stay up entirely too late. LOL

The best part? We were able to bless a family with lots of presents under their tree.

The family? You might know them. Kristen, Scott and Ethan. You can read about it here on Kristen's blog.

It was such a blessing to meet their family and to be a part of this Christmas miracle. As Kristen said in her blogpost, "Blessings Runneth Over."

I'm just not sure who felt more blessed- the recipients or the givers.




  1. Tough call. I am sure that you, Bethany, and everyone who contributed to what I am now referring to as "Operation Knock Kristen's Socks Off" will be more blessed than us, but as the receiver, it is a tough call because I can tell you without a doubt that we are so very blessed. We are so thankful, grateful, appreciated, and humbled by everyone's generosity and thoughtfulness for our family. xoxoxo

  2. So very cool! I'm glad you got to go along as it's always fun to be there to see their faces and experience the true blessing of giving.

  3. you are an inspiration. you make me want to help others a lot more often. merry christmas!

  4. Beautiful post. I definitely enjoy giving more than receiving! That is a gorgeous tree, too.