12 Days of Giving- Day 7

Life with Bubba, Chicky and Nika

Today I did my regular Meals on Wheels route. I participate in our local Meals on Wheels program 3 times a month. I love, love, love the people on my route. I've mentioned my older gentleman friend with the kind blue eyes before, but they are all sweet.

I only have 5 people on my route, so it's no problem to get it done before it's time to pick Lila up from school. If I have any spare time, I go around and talk to the people playing games at the Senior Citizen's Center. They are so funny and sweet!

Today, as I was preparing the meals to take into the 4th house, I realized that I was taking the last meals out of the carriers. Oh, no! They didn't pack enough meals!

I checked the book to see if special instructions had been given for today. Sadly, there they were. It said in the book that Mrs. S. had passed away last week, and that Mr. S was now participating in a day program and he was adjusting well.

I'm glad I checked the book- I don't really need to anymore as I have the route memorized. There was a note in there for me, thanking me for something I had done a couple of months ago.

For a little history on the situation, Mr. and Mrs. S have been on my route since I started delivering Meals on Wheels, but for about 6 months I only delivered one meal to their house as Mrs. S was in a rehabilitation center. On the day she was scheduled to return home, only one meal was included for them that day. When I arrived at the house, I was told that Mrs. S. would be home in a few minutes from the rehab center. Knowing that I didn't have a meal for her, I volunteered to go back and pick another one up.

I headed over to the Senior Citizens Center to request another meal. All the extra meals had already been given away, and they didn't have any more. Not giving up, I asked to speak to the head of the program. She was so thrilled that I cared enough to go out of my way for Mr. and Mrs. S, she gave up her own lunch! I brought it back over to the home of Mr. and Mrs. S and they were very grateful.

This was never mentioned again until today, when the family had left a note for me, thanking me for my kindness. I stood in that driveway and cried.

Delivering Meals on Wheels isn't glamorous, by any means, but I love it.

Making a difference- reaching out to others- being the hands and feet of Jesus- that's what it's all about!




  1. Wow!

    Can I write a total disclaimer to this post? Yikes-a lot of typos. Not feeling well- thankfully went to the doctor and got (yet another) antibiotic!) Oh, well, I'm leaving it- I have to catch up on my other days!

  2. I didn't even notice the typos - just grateful that there are people like you out in the world helping to make it a better place.

  3. You are an awesome, wonderful giving person. love ya!

  4. You are awesome. Hope you feel better.