Words from a friend

I am currently working on a couple of blog posts but needed a break so I signed on to my Facebook account. I had been messaging back and forth with a friend that I am very concerned about right now. I found this message:


Love you for your compassion and for being someone that knows God- in that great, loving, non-judgmental, non-punishing, protective, peaceful way - that He is.

The words she wrote were very humbling. They brought me to tears. In the midst of all of life's issues- Lila taking a few steps back in some areas, my cluttered house, never enough time in the day, laundry piling up, sick of never being able to see my family, people throwing the word "retard" around, people arguing about politics, people arguing about whether or not Americans should be giving aid to Haiti, and the list goes on and on, her words were a reminder to me of what matters most.

Reaching out to others. Being the hands and feet of Jesus. Just "being there" for people.

So thanks. For the kind words, and for the reminder.




  1. That was beautiful. There is so much going on right now in families and life in general... love the little reminder myself!

  2. Beautiful post and a wonderful reminder when the world seems so busy all around us. Sometimes it's not so much what we do, but how we listen.

  3. it is incredible how much our words can mean to each other. and where we find each other, hold one another in love and support, the warmth, the connection are undeniably His.

    hoping you find some of the same peace you offer out.