Snowtorious 2010

We have gotten clobbered here! We have so much snow. Too much snow.

Here's a picture of how things looked after a few hours of snow. This picture was taken on Friday night. Actually, I guess it was Saturday morning about 1 am.

Saturday morning about 8 am.

Our patio chairs. They look so comfortable, like they have big puffy cushions.

Our grill, which we were planning on using that day. Yeah, that didn't happen.

Nick trying to clean the weight of the snow off the trees so that they didn't break. They provide our backyard with a little bit of privacy.

Sadly, I don't know if this one can be rescued.

Today, Sunday, the sun was shining in a big way. Lila wanted to go outside and play in the snow. Once she was outside, however, she just wasn't happy. Her (rain) boots were too big, so they kept falling off. She didn't think she could walk in them so she wouldn't even try. She did not want to go back inside, so we set her on top of the snow.

She wasn't sure what to think.

All of a sudden she just started singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider".
Ummm.... where did that come from?

The spider got washed out. Obviously.

After Lila's non-nap (that's a post for another day) Tiffani and I decided to venture out to see what was going on in the neighborhood. I forgot my camera, so the next few pictures are taken with Tif's phone.

Our street is only plowed enough for one car to pass. It got a little tricky.

We drove over to our local grocery store, and I had never seen anything like it. So many of the shelves were bare. A few examples............

The bananas were basically gone.

Check out the bread aisle.

What are we having for dinner? Looks like our choices are seriously limited! We wanted some ground beef for our Super Bowl nachos but didn't find any. They had a few roasts and some ribs left.

It was so weird.

It's still being debated how much snow we actually got in our area. It's somewhere between 27 and 32 inches, that's all I know. I have spent winters in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota. To my knowledge I have never seen this much snow from one snowstorm. It's a lot of snow.

School is out Monday and Tuesday, and we are expecting 5 or 6 more inches of snow on Tuesday and Wednesday. Oh, joy. I don't think the kids will go to school all week. Events are being canceled like crazy. I had a very full schedule this week and now........ I don't.

The effects of this snowstorm have basically paralyzed our area. Many people are without power, and it is very difficult to get around. I'm so worried about the people on my Meals on Wheels route. And so many others who might not have heat. Or food.

As I sit here in my warm house with my (way too) full stomach, I am thankful.




  1. "snowtorious" Good one mom!

    :) Love you Lady.

  2. WOW... I've heard all about this storm, but seeing it in your post is so different! Stay warm!

  3. I has been showing here in Billings for days... and there is a lot of snow... but not as much as you seemed to have gotten. I do think this is the most snow I have seen in Billings over the last 5 years... it is almost as much snow as we used to get in Glasgow! LOL!

  4. I love the grocery store pictures! Gas stations here are still closed because they can't get fuel in.

  5. Wow. I know of one time you saw that much snow but you would have only been 10. Our first spring in RC. Over 3 ft with a 12 ft drift in the back of our house! It was great, especially since it was our first winter out of FL! We had all gotten safely home from town and were snowed in. Completely snowed in. It wasn't so easy to get out and around back then.

    Is there anyway to check on the meals on wheels people? What if they don't have electricity? So scary and sad for the people with roof damage.

    Thanks for the pics! Love you and hope you get some groceries soon.

  6. You have tons of snow, and we in Massachusetts got nothing, nada, not even a snow globe flake. We will get some on Wednesday, though. Love the grocery store pics, but love the ones of Miss Lila even more! How cute is that! Stay safe.