My birthday celebration...........

Last week I celebrated a birthday. I am now 44 years old. Yikes.

44 years of living and learning. 44 years of hard lessons because I'm incredibly stubborn. 44 years of unconditional love from my family.

44 blessed years.

We celebrated a day early because my birthday fell on a Monday this year. The pitter patter of Lila's little feet woke me up on Sunday morning. She was followed by my awesome husband who was carrying a tray of food. Breakfast in bed. Nice.

That afternoon Nick, Lila and I enjoyed a performance of Cinderella, a lovely show that included some of our very own VSA (Very Special Arts) friends.

Michelle, Nate & Matty~ cast members & friends
Lila and Sophie, friend and cast member
Lila and Eliza, friend & cast member
(Their mothers need to teach them to sit like ladies)

After the show, we took our little shopper to the store to pick up a few last-minute items.

She thought she was such a big girl-
first time with her own cart!

Nick made a delicious dinner of salmon, sweet potatoes, salad and bread, complemented by a glass of my favorite red wine. After dinner our friends came over to share the birthday dessert. (Turtle brownies, as I am not a big fan of cake.) Not that you asked.......

I received many birthday wishes via Facebook, e-mails and text messages. And some good old fashioned cards as well!

(Loved them)

Some of my presents...
(thanks, Donna, for your assistance with this)

Thanks, everyone, for making my 44th birthday a great one. A fabulous day indeed. I am blessed in so many ways.




  1. But I would have had to ask about the dessert if you hadn't said.

    The girls have plenty of time to learn to sit like ladies. What cuties! Wish we could have gone while I was there. Never enough time to do everything!

    I'm glad you had such a lovely birthday.

  2. Happy birthday Linda! Sounds like you had a great day!

  3. LOL that picture of Lila and Eliza is hysterical! Umm, so I guess my gift has been foiled and I OWE YOU!

  4. happy belated birthday! sounds like you had a wonderful day!