First night in a big girl bed...

Last night was Lila's first night in her big girl bed. Which is actually a toddler bed. Which I said I didn't want to do. I wanted to move her directly from her crib to a bed with a twin mattress.

But then I found a toddler bed on Craig's List for $25. The price was right. It is in excellent condition. It matches the rest of the furniture in her bedroom. (Which is a very boring white, but what can I say? It matches.)

So we did it.

She was so excited. She climbed right in, curled up, and said, "Light off, close door". It took a little while for her to go to sleep, but she finally did. And she slept all night.

Sleeping soundly, all stretched out.

She loved it.

This part? Not so much.

Things are changing at a very rapid rate around our house. Actually, it's been coming for a while but now it's going way too fast for me.

Tiffani and Justin will both be graduating from college in less than a month. My big kids are growing up. And mama's struggling to hold back tears throughout the day.

Life goes on. And it's a beautiful life.




  1. Oh yes, what a big girl! I am not looking forward to the day we have to try this with Nichole. Hopefully since we will wait longer she will do as well as Miss Lila :)

  2. Oh you're so lucky that Lila sleeps through the night! And congratulations on the transition. We did the same -- from crib to big boy bed (double). I remember thinking that he was so tiny in there...until I slept in the bed with Gabe! LOL! All arms and legs!

    College graduation is such a big milestone, too. Congratulations to your family. That is awesome!

  3. What a big girl:) She looks so comfy!! Hooray for Lila:)

    Congrats on your "big kids" achievements too:) You must be so proud!!

  4. awww I love the pics of her sprawled out in her new bed! so cute! she is getting so big so fast! Love you all!