My funny girl......

On the way to school this morning, Lila wanted to sing the "BeeBo" song. One of the songs we learned in sign language class. The class from over a year ago. And, to show just how long ago it was, here is a picture of Lila from the signing class.

In the class, you go around the circle and insert every child's name into the song. It goes like this:

Where is BeeBo? Where is BeeBo? Here he is, here he is. How are you today BeeBo? BeeBo's feeling fine, Let's Sign Say & Play, Let's Sign Say & Play!

Lila still wants to sing that song. Every. Single. Day.

So it wasn't a big surprise when Lila chose that song on the way to school this morning. Of course, she wanted to start with herself. So we sang it through with her name in it, then I asked her to give me another name.


And another name.


And another.


That usually goes on and on, with more and more names, until we drive around the corner and she sees her school. But this morning, after we finished with Roxy, she said "Ginky biper" which, in Lila speak, means stinky diaper. "Stinky diaper?" I asked, thinking she was trying to tell me something. She wasn't.

"Ginky biper", she said again. "Sing, mama." I started laughing. "You want me to sing stinky diaper in the BeeBo song?" Yes. That's exactly what she wanted.

So we did. Well, she did. I was laughing too hard to sing.

When she finished the song, she said, "Funny, mama? Lila casee!!" Which, in Lila speak, means Lila's crazy.

That crazy kid keeps me laughing.

Love her~



  1. That's hysterical! Your little girl is such a treasure.

  2. Yes, she IS casee. What fun. You are so blessed!

  3. She's too cute and funny! I bet you two are going to have so much fun together!

  4. She is her mother's daughter! I love it :) Kay

  5. I loved reading this!! What a gal...I wish I could have heard the song in action! :D

  6. Too Cute!! She's too sweet -- adding AShley's name in the song!! What no KellyPat? hahah ;)

  7. oh my goodness! I would have been laughing as well; she's such a character!