I love Saturdays...............

Most Saturdays are good days at our house. No work, no school. Lila loves it because there are more people in the house. Today was an especially good day because my parents are here!

Lila loves being involved in whatever is going on in the house. Today it happened to be laundry.

Check out the big girl!

The plants needed watering. She was such a big helper!

Pay no attention to the fact that there is more water on the ground that in the planter~
So serious.................

After all that work she needed some down time.

Lila woke up from her nap to a big surprise. Thanks to the generosity of our awesome friends Pam and Riley, Lila has a new swing set to play on! Riley had outgrown the swing set, and Pam said that we could use it! Thanks, Pam! And thanks to daddy and grandpa for all of your hard work to pick it up and put it together!

Check out the joy on her face!

She absolutely loves it!

After Lila played, we snacked on appetizers and relaxed, enjoying some family time. For dinner, we had london broil, tomato basil salad, and asparagus. We all worked together and it was delicious!

Tif and my mom working in the kitchen.

And just because I love him, a picture of me and my man.
So thankful for my family, so thankful for my life. I am so blessed.




  1. And I'm so thankful you finally posted again!

    Your little sweetheart is growing up so much. She's a kid! So fun to have the swing set in your yard! and just in time for summer. The pictures are adorable and thanks for them.

    Mom and Tiff are adorable, too. :) Give them a hug for me. Dad, too. Lila, too. Oh go ahead, give Nick one, too!

  2. Loved the pictures and the update! Lila is such a pretty little girl!! What a big helper she is!

  3. Sounds like an amazing Saturday! Your family really is so awesome :)

  4. I have missed your post's. I am with you and Lila, Saturday's are the best! Love you!

  5. loved this post and your sunny outlook - great pics!

  6. you have the most adorable little helper!

  7. What an amazing girl. She is adorable.