Love this kid........

It was incredibly hot today. The temperature reading in our car was 104. You know the kind of hot when you step outside from being in the air conditioning you get goose bumps? That's hot, baby. Add high humidity and it's almost unbearable. Add some respiratory issues to the mix and it's time to stay inside.

And stay inside we did.

After lunch Miss Lila and I took a nap, then we made brownies. Lila started summer school yesterday so I thought it would be nice to bring the teachers brownies to show them some love. I have a friend in Texas that loves to cook/bake. She always says that if somebody dies, you make chicken salad. When you want to show appreciation, you bake. "We cook. We bake. We're women. It's what we do." I don't know if that's true or not, but it sounds good coming from her.

Check out my little helper. She "wuv chocwut".

After we finished the brownies we watched Elmo, took an early bath, ate dinner and took silly pajama pictures.

I love hanging out with her- she has such a great imagination and loves to laugh. A good companion she makes.

Blessed to be her mama~



  1. Oh! What a beautiful post -- and a yummy one at that!!! Lila is beautiful!

  2. Beautiful photos! I luv chocwut too! :)

  3. I wuv chocwut, too. And silly pajama pictures.

    I believe cooler weather is headed your way. One day this week our high was 66 and the low was 48. Usually you guys get it a couple of days after us, so hopefully you will get some relief.

  4. I love these pictures. Thanks so much for posting them mom. Love you

  5. Its the simple days that are so much fun. No plans, no big excitement, just Mommy and daughter time. Love it!

  6. Oh... what a fun time with such a cutie!

  7. Lila is just beautiful! Who wouldn't be thrilled to receive brownies from that little doll =)