Lila got her hair cut!

Miss Lila had her first salon haircut yesterday! Just in time for her first day of school on Tuesday. She was such a good girl and I was so proud of her! (It didn't hurt that her big brother was there- great distraction!)

The pictures aren't that great but I know my family will want to see them!

Our little girl is growing up!




  1. Oh yes, your family did want to see them and we enjoyed them! The bunch in SD anyway.

    I'm a bit concerned about the 3rd one. She looks like she's taking note. "Hmmmm, very interesting. Maybe I could do that myself!!" Tell her to talk to Payton and learn it's not something you want to do yourself!

  2. Aww big girl! I can't believe this is the first salon cut she has had!! LOL! Love the one of Justin ... and ummm yeah, maybe Payton can give her a few pointers on cutting hair. LOL

  3. Such cute pictures! We wish her well with school on Tuesday. Wish we could be there with you guys for the Buddy Walk. We made a donation for the team.