The beauty of Fall...........

You know it's Fall when you spend a tedious ten minutes unwrapping caramel squares. Knowing it was worth it when you're dipping freshly picked apple slices into hot melted caramel and chopped walnuts.

You know it's Fall when you're cooking dinner with the sliding glass door open so you can listen to the sound of kids playing outside and leaving it open until the voices fade into the sound of crickets chirping.

You know it's Fall when you're sitting in your car on a Saturday morning waiting in line to get into a local Fall Festival.

Then you wait in more lines to ride on the giant slide, get something to eat, see the bunnies, pose with the giant wooden Elmo character and take a turn sitting on the tractor.

And grin from ear to ear as you watch your daughter pick the most perfect little pumpkin and hold it in her lap the entire ride home.

You know it's Fall when you're hanging out on the front steps playing with babies, blowing bubbles and writing names on the sidewalk with chalk instead of doing the dishes from lunch. And breakfast.

You know it's Fall when you pick your daughter up from school, find a restaurant with outdoor seating then head over to the park to play.

And instead of going home at nap time, you head down the path toward a quiet little stream to spend the rest of the afternoon making ripples in the water with tiny stones and watching the leaves float by.

Soaking up the warm air~ drinking it in because you know that soon it will be gone.

It's Fall, baby. Enjoy.



  1. Lovely post. Happy Autumn! I can't wait to get home to enjoy it cuz here in CA it was over 100 degrees today and did not feel one bit like autumn. We already had fall at home and it was hard to leave it behind.

    I love (but can not believe) you posted about caramels for fall and not pumpkin. My sister who was never into sweets! Isn't it great!

    I'm so glad you are enjoying autumn especially since it meant such great pics for us to enjoy. Love you!

  2. These are great pictures! (All of them, but I especially love the last is so sweet and so peaceful!)

  3. Dear Mom,
    Fall is over, please update us about Winter and what is beautiful about the current season. We miss hearing from you.

    All of your followers!

  4. Ma,
    I'm pretty sure that Lila was on here and posted that she wants you to update your blog on behalf of all of your followers. Silly 4 yr old forgot that she addressed the post to "Mom" which is clearly a marker of Lila...or Tiff...but not me.

    I do agree though.