Birthday party fun

Lila has missed school, church, birthday parties and other fun get-togethers because she has been sick on and off for almost 3 months. But we made the most of the brief and healthy interludes! She was able to attend birthday parties for two of her friends. And that makes her mama's heart very happy!

Roxy's birthday party was a lot of fun! Lila got to build a bear!

She loved their new moon bounce! Oh, how thrilled I was to see her coming down this slide. Because that meant she was able to climb the "rock wall" to make that happen. : )

Always the lover of music, she escaped from the party happenings to play a little tune on the piano.

I just love kids and cupcakes. Such a fun combination!

The party ended with a book exchange. And nothing's better than a new book being read to you by one of your favorite mamas!

Party # 2

Payton's party was a fun dress-up party. Lila loves anything girlie, so dressing up in one of her favorite tutus just added to the excitement of getting to come to the party!

And although it took her a few minutes to warm up,

She was soon having a fabulous time!

Again, kids and cupcakes. Just love the combo. The cupcakes at Payton's party were huge! Lila was not one bit intimidated, though. I thought this one was too pretty to eat but it didn't stop her!

She even let one of Bethany's cousins put some gloss on her lips. (Which I predicted wouldn't happen. Wrong again, mama! LOL)

Lila tried her hand at the limbo.......

She even got back in line to do it again!

Back at Roxy's party, we tried to get a group pictures of all of the kids. Fat chance. Here's how it all went down:

And that is what happens when you have a crazy idea such as that. Complete chaos.

In other news, Justin and Maggie are married! That's one of Lila's favorite things to say now. "Justin and Maggie got maweed! Me, Lila, in wedding!"

I'm almost finished with my wedding post. Still waiting to borrow a few pictures to finish it off. It was a fabulous time and I can't wait to share so that I can relive it all. It was precious and happy and it flew by way too quickly for me.

Until next time, here is a picture of Lila diligently trying to teach Pink her numbers. She cracks me up.




  1. Lila is such a doll, and she looks like she was having so much fun! I'm thinking you guys need to make another trip to Utah soon! :)

  2. LOL wait, did you figure out the pictures all on your own? So proud of you!! I told you to email me about your blog-over, kay?

    So sad we missed Roxy's party ... and we missed building a bear? Boo. :(

  3. The best part was she was well for the wedding! That's what she means when she says, Me, Lila, in wedding. I'm just sure of it. I'm glad she got to go to the birthday parties, too, so we could have pics and the blog. Thanks, mama.

    She's so serious about that book! and the cupcake. Love it. And if anyone can teach Pink her numbers, it's Lila.

  4. Oops, sorry. I'm used to signing anonymous on Jaralei's!!

    That last one was me.

  5. o my lord Pinker!!! How is that crazy doggie doing!! Lila get bored with her cage yet? : )