Gymnastics.....wayyyyy better than PT!

We took Lila out of private PT and enrolled her in dance and gymnastics. She always has a great time at dance class but I'm starting to think that she loves gymnastics even more. (And it's so cute when she tries to say the word "gymnastics".)

You can tell that the teachers in the class enjoy working with kids, and they make it so fun! All the kids always look like they are having such a good time. They do organized activities on the mats, then let the kids run around and play.

I love it because Lila has become so much more confident. Eighteen months ago, before she started "sensory-focused" OT, there's no way she would have enjoyed this class. She would have been on the sidelines watching the other kids. Now, she's right in the middle of everything, sometimes taking more chances than I would like her to. LOL

Oh, and I also love it because the parents get to watch from outside the room, enjoying adult conversation. : ) Is it wrong to say that is the best part for me?

One good thing about Lila being on antibiotics for almost 3 months straight is that she hasn't missed any classes~ either dance or gymnastics.

I've been thinking a lot about Lila's health issues and how she hasn't made much (or any) progress in school this year because of her health and a bad situation at her former public school. It has really gotten me down. It seems like she was making such great progress and then, BAM. In some ways, she basically just stopped. But when I really think about it, I see a few areas in which she has progressed.

If Lila didn't have Down Syndrome, I wouldn't have met most of my awesome friends in this area! And when she struggles with and overcomes certain things, that gives me the opportunity to share our experience with others and hopefully help them on their journey. And the list goes on.

Focusing on the positive today. There's so much good stuff.




  1. Linda - I so enjoy reading your posts. Your positive view is inspiring! So good to read about Lila's achievements.

  2. You crack me up. Yes, it is definitely wrong for you to say the best part is being able to enjoy conversation with friends. Next time I want you standing away from them just observing Lila. Report back when you are finished.

    I'm so glad you have many good friends to support you there.

    Lila looks like she really loves it! I'd love a video of her saying gymnastics.

  3. Hi. Thank you for this post...Nicholas started "Little Gym" about a year ago. We are here in Delaware and we are fortunate enough to get a DSA scholasship for the class. We LOVE LIttle Gym and what it has helped him learn. AND...just when you think they are "stopping" their progress, they are excelling in something else. Nick recently quit signing, but the mobility has increased!
    Still saying prayers for Lila's health!

  4. I love her! Love how active she're a great Mommy! xoxo

  5. That is great that you made the switch. Being a PT, I think PT is great in the early years when they are unable to be involved in activities such as this. But once they become old enough and cleared medically for these activities, then there are many more benefits to our kids by enrolliing them in fun activities that are much more practical. I think the most important thing is for our kids to have organized activity that is appropriate for their level (and there is nothing magic about having a PT supervise - just don't let them know).

  6. Ma,
    glad you posted this. Made my day. Lila looks great. And it seems like the pictures you take for your blog have increased in quality! What's you secret!? Love you and see you soon!

  7. Gymnastics is a great way to burn off the energy and have fun at the same time!

  8. Love this girl! She looks great in her gymnastics class!! Such a great idea momma! Don't worry about school she will catch up fast. That little one is so smart and with you doing all sorts of activities at home... she will get there! Love you guys!