I love spring.

I absolutely love looking out the kitchen window as I'm doing dishes so I can watch the little nubs on the tree branches budding into young leaves, a little bit each day. 

I love that the yellow flowers in front of our house always show up first.

The tulips follow shortly behind.  Lila loves to smell them all.

I love being able to leave the sliding glass door open so that I can listen to the birds singing and the kids playing.  What  I love even more is when we are outside playing.  Sidewalk chalk, picnics, bike rides, bubbles, I love it all.  And this year, we will have it all.  More now than ever, Lila wants to be outside.  She loves it all too.


First bike wreck ever, and not too happy about it.

 Spring is a Flower/Garden Show with great friends.  Where the grown-ups enjoy the flowers.

The kids enjoy a little fishing game.

And picking dandelions is the highlight of the day.

Spring is a backyard gathering so the little ones can play while the moms catch up.

Spring is represented in the little flowers on Nick's strawberry plant, and in the lettuce leaves peeking up in the background.

Spring is  having fun with shadows as the early evening sun pours in through the blinds.

Spring is new life, and the opportunity for a new look at life.

Happy Spring!



  1. Linda, such beautiful photos. Poor Lila and her bike wreck! I hope that she isn't too banged up.

  2. Lovely post! Very enjoyable and I love all the pics!

  3. gorgeous pictures! Lily is so beautiful!

  4. I meant to write Lila....oops!

  5. These pictures are so amazing! Lila is getting so big. I love the flower in her hair.