Miss Lila is working on overcoming  her fear of water and is loving summertime.

So far we've only mastered the baby pool but we are moving in the right direction!!!!  (Especially since we've had the same tiny pool for 3 summers and this is the first year it's actually been used.)  Woo Hoo!

She eased into it at first.......

 Then she got a little bit more comfortable.........

 Then all of a sudden she stood up and said, "Mom!  I got idea!" with a twinkle in her eye.

 She wanted the slide in the pool.   At first I told her that I didn't think it was such a good idea.  I told her that the pool wasn't big enough and it might hurt her to go down the slide into a pool that small.   She said, "No hurt.  FUN!"   So, of course, the slide ended up in the itty bitty pool.


As of today the redneck riviera is on its way out.   

We went to Target 
and bought Miss Lila a new pool.
She picked it out herself.  
Quite a bit bigger,
it has a little water spray area 
and a little 

I just love this little girl and her zest for life.  
So blessed to be her mama.


  1. Yay, Lila! Great pics, mama! Especially the one with the splash. It came out great! Smart kid. Sure glad you got that redneck riviera out of there, tho. Crazy lady. Redneck riviera. Too funny!

  2. Lila, you are just too pretty. I hope Lily looks just like you some day! :)

  3. Seriously have to issue a disclaimer here- the last picture is not Lila's new pool! Yikes! Can you imagine the water bill. LOL

    It's just a picture that shows exactly what I'm talking about when I say she has a zest for life! : )

  4. She is just too adorable! How amazing is that that she is able to jump right in? Enjoy your summer!

  5. Mom- I was just about to ask if the pool took up the entire yard, it looks huge!

    These pictures are amazing. Lovin' the splashes, and the smiles- I can practically hear her giggling. Love that girl. Love you too momma!

  6. love her!!! it looks like she is getting so much more comfortable in the water... maybe that watermelon pool place is in your future again? miss you guys!! have a great holiday weekend!

    <3 lacey

  7. Linda

    Hello! Hopefully you remember me it's Nicole ( Ethan's mommy and former secretary from the NICU) we were wondering where you got the slide from? We want a bigger slide for our boys and haven't had any luck finding one.

    Lila is beautiful!
    My personal email is nmills25@verizon.net