Crazy, beautiful life

I'm so thankful for this crazy, beautiful life we are living.

We have definitely had some bumps in the road 
here in Colorado
 but life is good and we are doing well.

Some things that have been happening around here,
 in no particular order. 

Lexi is trying to stand up on her own.  
She tries to climb up on everything. 
She's not satisfied with just crawling.  
She's been doing that for about a month now.  
She's bored with it.

 What?  Surprised to see me crawling through this tunnel?
 I'm awesome at it!

Lila's imagination is soaring.  
She has two Little People that are her "kids".  
  She doesn't like to go to bed without knowing 
where they are. 
   She introduced them to Maggie and Justin 
the other day on Skype.  
It was too cute. 

She also has "friends".   
Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Jessie's hat, another Jessie, 
Simba and Nala. 
 Don't mistake them for her kids.  
They are just friends.  
They all sleep together on a chair in the bed 
Daddy made for them.

It was nice outside on Sunday so we took the girls outside.  
It was a bit windy.
 Lexi wasn't exactly thrilled.
Lila loved it.

We had a really nice weekend.

Lila was a big helper at dinner tonight
Her specialty?
Gluten-free Mexican pizza
Somebody call the health department~
She needs a hair net 


Tomorrow it's back to work and back to school.
Lila is starting a half-day kindergarten class
instead of full day.
She had been resting from 1 o'clock until the end of the day.

She's at the end of her IVIG cycle
and seems to be tiring more easily here in Colorado.
We've only been here for two months.
 We will see what happens.

Tif is working as a para-professional
in Special Education 
at a local middle school.
She loves it.
She is also working part-time
working with individuals with disabilities.
So proud of her!

I have to get up at 5:30 am so I'd better get to bed.
If you know me, you know how much I love to sleep.
Getting up at 5:30 am isn't pretty 
but it leaves me plenty of time to get ready
 before the girls get up.
Much less stress for everyone.

A peaceful house is a beautiful thing.

Until next time~


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