Best Friends

Tonight while we were 
hanging out at the new house
 Lila said to Lexi:
"Wexi, you my best fwend."

I said to Lila:
"Lila, thank you for being 
such a good big sister to Lexi".

Lila said:
"I wuv her".
You can see the love in their eyes.

You know it must be love because 
Lila lets Lexi pull her hair
 then gets mad at me if I tell Lexi no.  
Go figure.

 This sweet girl is loved.


  1. Yes, you CAN see the love. I just said that on a pic in FB. I'm so glad you took time to post. Praying for the final days of the adoption process and the move!

  2. This is the sweetest post ever. They are too stinkin cute! <3

  3. It's hard to find words for this, other than it brings such happy tears to my eyes. And what the heck with their cuteness??!!! They both seem to get cuter by the day! (My boys have the same problem...) :)oxox