So little time.....

So little time. 
 I just want to blog instead of pack.  
Is that so wrong?   

What to blog about...
 How about a Buddy Walk post?  
How about pictures of the house 
transformation from
 Southwestern to Tuscan?  
How about a post about Lila's first few days of school?  
 Not yet. 
 How about some Lexi news?  

Little daredevil

the girl who climbs on everything,

the girl who tries to run
 even though she is barely walking...

the girl who worked so hard 
with her OT yesterday 
it brought tears to my eyes

Check out that concentration!

This is how Lexi sends the message 
that she is D-O-N-E.

This sweet girl?   
She got her first tooth this week!  
She's working on her second one too. 

She also got her first ear infection this week.
The combination of cutting teeth plus an ear infection 
equals not wanting to eat.  
We've seen a lot of this.

And now, for a little look at the transformation
from Southwestern to Tuscan.

Old mantle
  New mantle, not quite finished..

Try to get past the pink.
That's just primer.  
 Check out that fireplace. 
 Isn't it awesome?

Seriously, I walked in last Saturday
after the Buddy Walk and started crying
because I was so excited about 
how it is all coming together.

Speaking of the Buddy Walk,
a little preview:

Family BW participants- 

Again, more pictures to come.  
Along with some good news 
about Lila's school year!  

I would love to stay in this peaceful place
 listening to good tunes 
and getting my blog up to date.  
But the new house waits.  
We are anxious to move in.
 Packing I must do!


  1. Lexi's hair! She is nuts. Love those girls. And the Tuscan transformation looks awesome, Linda!! Way to go!

  2. Poor baby Wexi. So sad about her not feeling well. But what a trooper! That smile is so infectious. Can't help but smile every time I see it.

    Yes! The fireplace IS awesome! It's gonna be so great when it's all finished.

    Happy moving weekend! Can't wait to see the upcoming posts.

  3. Oh sweet little Lexi! I hope that she feels better soon! The fire place is looking good. What an amazing transformation. Thanks for all of the photos :)