Good News!!

I spoke with our attorney 
late in the day today and 
everything is a go for Monday.

The adoption will be final.

  I have to admit...
I'm still a bit apprehensive.
I guess because we have 
had so many bumps in the road.
I won't be convinced that it's final
until it's actually final.

When the judge says she
is officially our daughter
I will breathe 
an enormous
 sigh of relief.

We will celebrate.
Oh, how we will celebrate!

As our adoption is
an open adoption, 
we know
we have the support of 
the birth parents and their families.

That will make Monday even more special.

I say it all the time
and mean it more and more
with each passing day.

We are blessed!
And oh, so thankful.


  1. I am sending prayers that in 2 days she is officially yours!!!!!!!