I feel like a broken record, but...

We have run into a bit of a snag 
in the adoption process.  

I realize that I'm being very vague 
but it's too complicated to explain
 in a short period of time.

 I'm currently very short on time.  
I have to get to work on this.
I want to keep the court date
 of October 15th so badly.

Maybe it seems silly 
but October 15th 
is right in the middle
of a huge month for us.
Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

And on October 15th 
Lexi will be 21 months old.  
Get the significance?
Hint~ Trisomy 21

The date of October 15th 
for the finalization of Lexi's adoption
 just feels right.  

Please pray that we can get 
everything finished in time 
so that we can keep the date.

Thanks so much!!!