Calm, common sense and compassion would have saved Ethan Saylor's life

March was a crazy busy month.
I was busy taking care of
my family and working
behind the scenes
with IDSC business.

I love being behind
the scenes for the most
part but sometimes I feel
like I'm not stepping up enough
about issues that affect
 the Down syndrome community.
I am, I'm just not out 
where others see me.

In this particular situation,
behind the scenes is not enough for me.

On January 12, 2013, 
a man named 
Robert Ethan Saylor died.
He had Down syndrome.
He was 26 years old. 
He died while in police custody.
He was arrested because he refused
to either leave a theater
or pay for another ticket.
Police were called,
he was handcuffed
and forced to leave the theater.

He suffered a medical emergency
as they tried to get him out 
the theater.
It has been reported
that the officers fell on him.
In a heap.

His death was ruled a homicide.
Yet no charges have been filed.
They are blaming Down syndrome
and a heart condition he had as a baby
for his death.

It's just not right.

This could have been avoided.
This didn't have to happen the way it did.
Robert Ethan Saylor didn't have to die.

This columnist said it well.
"Calm, common sense and
compassion would
have saved Ethan Saylor's life."

We released this statement
from the IDSC:

 The time is now. 

Please sign the
petition calling for an
independent investigation.

Please stand up for
this man.
Please help
send the message to his
family that they don't stand alone.


  1. My heart is still broken and I'm so angry that they are trying to sweep this under the rug and BLAME Down syndrome!!!! I'm so disgusted. Let's just keep on writing about him and demand justice!!

  2. I'm upset about this too and my husband and I have talked about it at length. I've signed the petition and I am hoping something will be done.