I'm learning...

Sometimes a life
raising two little girls
with differing abilities
can be a bit intense.

 I've been thinking 
I need to laugh more.
Worry less.
Easier said than done,
but I'm trying. 
We had a crazy morning.
Nothing too unusual,
just a little crazy. 

 Lexi refused to eat
because I wouldn't let
her have a cookie
for breakfast.
Then she had a major
blowout in her diaper.
After I already had her
dressed for the day.
 Lila refused to dress herself.
So after I dressed Lexi twice
I dressed my 6 year old too.
While I was running water to
get toothbrushes ready 
for both girls,
Lila decided to throw a
book into the sink.
Under the running water.
 We were having fun.

 On the way to school
Lila was reading a book
and Lexi was eating a cookie.
I'm kidding.
But seriously, Lila
was reading a book and
all of a sudden she said,
"I be a good listener mama".

 When we got to school
I told Lila that we were 
running a little late so
we would have to hurry.

 The girls have matching 
grey pea coats so
I handed Lila one and told
her to put it on.
I got out, put a coat on Lexi
and walked around the car
to get Lila.
I opened Lila's door and
there she was, 
with Lexi's coat on.  
The bottom of the
sleeves stopped at 
her elbows.
And she repeated,
"I be a good listener mama!"
I said,
"You sure are, sweet girl!"
I started laughing so hard
I couldn't stop.
Lila was laughing too.
We laughed all the way
into the school.
I didn't even care 
that we were late.

 I'm learning... 



  1. Great post! Thanks for the reminder. I'll have to bookmark it...I'm the soon to be mom to 2 differently abled girlies. :) Blessings to you and your family.

  2. Great post. I love the uplifting happiness to it all. Royce and I had so much fun laughing with each other yesterday too. There's just nothing better than laughing with your kids!

  3. Great reminder to keep laughing.