I have so many
photos just sitting
on a memory card
in my camera.
I mean to upload them
onto my blog and then...
I just don't.
I'm hoping to get
better about that.
A glimpse into
our last few days...

 Coloring eggs with the family
 Lexi is on her way to becoming a hoarder
 Coloring eggs with friends

Lila and the Easter bunny!

I'm not sure how many times
I have to tell you.
I am not the slightest
bit interested in finding
any eggs today.
Lexi, don't be afraid honey.
I'll be right here with you.
Let's take a picture with the bunny.
Forget it, okay?
Just forget it.
We couldn't find a bib, so...

Easter Sunday
was a joyful
celebration with friends.
I don't post other people's photos
without permission so here's some
more photos of my kids. 

Thanks to Sally for this photo of our girls!

Excuse me...
Did you just ask me for my number?

The reason we celebrate!


  1. So good to have a photo filled post again! I love it and their spring colored outfits with the bunny. I especially love the looks on all the faces with the caption 'Wow'. Cracked me up!

    Miss you guys. I love you!

  2. Happy belated Easter! Big scary bunnies 'n all.