Everyday Miracles...

I think it happens to 
all of us.  
You just go through life.
Same old stuff.
Nothing new.
Nothing bad,
just nothing that great.
You get stuck in a rut.

Then something comes along
that shakes you to the core.
The combination of Lila
being in the hospital and
the Black Forest fire
did that to me.
Shook me to the core.
 Made me sit up and take notice. 

I have a great life.
I have an amazing husband.
I have awesome kids.
I get to help people
all the time as I
volunteer with the IDSC
and my local Down Syndrome Association.
I am blessed.

Sometimes I completely
lose sight of that.
I get caught up in the messes,
the therapy appointments,
the sibling squabbles, 
the temper tantrums,
dealing with insensitive people,
the cooking, 
the laundry,
the stuff.

Two big miracles made
me realize that I haven't 
been paying enough
attention to the
everyday miracles.
 The miracles in
 the small things.

morning hugs
and goodnight kisses

bedtime prayers
and sleepy snuggles

sack races in

races around
the kitchen island

trampoline jumping

endless pretend
 phone conversations

dance parties

bath time splashes

pretending with Barbies 

the way Lexi runs and throws
herself into my arms
when I come home from being out

the way Lila tells me,
"You're the best, Mom"

The good stuff.
I'm sure there
will come a time when
I will need another reminder
but for now,
I'm reveling in our
everyday miracles.





  1. I love the quote you shared with this. Everything or nothing is a miracle. Inclusion, even for miracles. ;)

    I'm glad life has slowed down a little so you can enjoy the everyday.

  2. Such gorgeous children - and yes, the beauty of those morning hugs and a child's laugh.. it's everything.