Taking Inventory~ the important stuff

The other day
I was talking
to a lady who
lost her house
and most of
 her belongings
in the 
Black Forest Fire.

She said that 
while it was
incredibly sad,
she took it
as a chance to
start over.
She said it
made her think
about the useless
stuff she had
accumulated over
the years.
How she had
wasted time, money
and energy on things
that just didn't matter.

Our conversation
really made me think.
We don't need to
wait for something
disastrous to happen
 to make the decision to
take inventory of
our lives.

Every single day
is a new chance to
start over and

Is it time to
Our closets?
Our houses?
And more importantly,
our relationships? 

Who are we choosing
to spend time with?
To spend
our energy on?

  I already know
this stuff,  
but sometimes
I need to be reminded.

We need to protect
our souls.

We need to steer 
clear of...
People who constantly
tear others down.
People who are
unwilling to forgive.
People who like
to keep things
stirred up.

We need to focus
our time on...
People who look for
the good in others.
People who choose to
spread love.
People who 
avoid drama. 

And then we need
to look at ourselves
and make sure we are
looking for the
good in others,
spreading love
and avoiding drama.