Back to my roots.... literally

I had a hair appointment today- I went back to my natural hair color so you know THAT took a while. : ) I brought along my latest favorite book- it's called Broken Open. Don't go out and buy it- I read/ love a lot of books that other people don't necessarily care for. I loved The Shack- very controversial book. I also loved "What's so amazing about grace" and don't know very many people that enjoyed it. So, it's not necessarily good to follow my lead when it comes to books.

Broken Open is a book that deals with difficulties in life and how they help us grow. It's filled with some pretty sad stories. So, of course, as Ashley is putting color on my hair I'm biting my cheeks and trying hard not to cry but it's not working. Tears are streaming down my cheeks and she finally asks me, "Are you okay?" Yes, I tell her, I'm fine, but there are some really sad stories in this book and I can't help but cry. Stop reading it, she tells me. Good idea but I just can't. Not only are the stories very moving, the endings are so inspirational.

I haven't needed to read sad stories to have a reason to cry this week. There's been enough sadness in real life. Not necessarily in my life but in the lives of people that I care deeply about. I've always carried other people's burdens like that. I'm not sure how to stop. I pray for them, and try to put things in God's hands, but I have a hard time leaving them there.

So, if you pray, and if you think about it, please say a prayer for my sister Brenda, my friend Pam, and a baby whom I've never met that was abandoned by his parents in the NICU because he has Down Syndrome. Abandoning a baby with Down Syndrome not only brings me incredible sadness, it infuriates me. And I know that horrible things happen every day..... children are abandoned, children are abused.... I know. But ever since I heard about this, when I look into Lila's eyes, I think about it.


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  1. Ok, I'm waiting for a pic of that natural hair color. Do I know your natural hair color??? Don't think I'll read your current book, (googled it and uh, no) but I loved What's so Amazing About Grace and I was in the middle of The Shack but only got to keep it a week from the library and I just can't read that much yet. I'll be finishing it though, that's for sure. I don't care how controversial it is. That one made me cry. And I will continue pryaing for those three and you!
    Still waiting....