I'll show you "poo poo"

Lila is totally clueless when it comes to potty training and that's my fault. Lately I've started bringing her into the bathroom with me. "Mommy's going potty, Lila! Can you hear mommy going potty?" I'm just trying to bring an awareness of potty and that's the only way I know to do it! (Don't worry, I've been doing some research and I'm learning.) Anyway, every time I smell that Lila has a dirty diaper I say "Lila, did you go poo poo?" When I'm changing her I tell her that I have to change her diaper because she went poo poo. "Can you say poo poo Lila?" Today Lila was in her playroom while I was cleaning the kitchen and all of a sudden this horrible smell permeated the air of the entire first floor. I went over to the gate and did the routine "Lila, did you go poo poo?" Lord, I hope so! I laid her on the couch in the playroom, talking about changing diapers and going poo poo. When I took her pants off she took 3 fingers, reached inside of her onesie and diaper, pulled them out and said "poo poo Mama!" And you know the rest.


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  1. Hooray! That's awesome, Linda! Wow, standing up and now potty training--go, Lila! That's the perfect way to start the process. We did it pretty much like that, too. Of course, we're not at the no-diaper stage yet, though (our fault for not biting the bullet and just doing it one weekend). Have you gotten her a little potty or a potty ring yet? And if you ask the school to keep asking her, they will, too.