That's what she's trying to tell you

As with most kids that can't speak well or at all, we've been trying to teach Lila different ways of communicating instead of just whining. We always tell her that if she wants down, just point down and say please. Today she was sitting in her high chair watching Play with me Sesame (she still has reflux so still has to sit up 30 minutes after every meal). She kept pointing down and saying "Puzz", her version of please. I'm looking around at the toys and books on the floor, trying to figure out what she wants. One by one I ask her "Do you want this? No. "Do you want this?" No. After lifting up about 10 things to show her, at which point she is completely annoyed with me, I finally figure out that she's doing what we told her to do. Down, please! Duh!


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