Private/School Therapists

To my blogging friends/fellow parents of children with different abilities I would like to pose a question:

Should I be getting regular feedback from the school therapists? I have received no feedback at all since the beginning of school. The teacher sends notes home every once in a while mentioning therapies but I have had no direct contact. I'm so accustomed to private therapies where I am right there the entire time asking questions and taking notes. Do I need to request feedback/info?


  1. Linda, I find myself in the same situation. When we had PT at home, I was right there and totally involved. Now, either it's the note in the backpack or I have to ask. Perhaps we need to put something in our IEPs that require them to give us regular feedback? I am really frustrated that they haven't yet hired a new PT to replace Michele. I feel like I got all caught up with our home visit earlier this week but something more consistent would be much better. Should we approach Meri?