Sharing the tiara

Lila's been the only girl in her preschool class since the beginning of the school year and her teachers call her the princess. On Monday, a new girl arrived. Her name is Riley and she is adorable. I am so excited that Lila finally has another girl to play with! I'll post a picture tomorrow if it's okay with Riley's mom. Two princesses. YAY!

In other news, Lila is getting closer and closer to walking. She'll stand up in her crib and let go- then she starts clapping because she's so pleased with herself- loses her balance and falls down. It's pretty cute. In the last few weeks she has really taken an interest in standing up and walking with us. In the past when we have tried to get her to walk she would just fall to her knees and crawl away. As Justin told us they say in Africa, "slowly by slowly."

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  1. It was so great to meet you guys yesterday! Lila is gorgeous, and soooo sweet--I just know she and Samantha will become friends, and I'm excited that they may be in the same class together soon!