A little reminder

As I was carrying my beautiful daughter up the stairs today, I was thinking about how badly I want her to walk. She is heavy! (We have a morning ritual of brushing our teeth together before school, and we're usually running a little late, so I carry her instead of letting her crawl.)

On the way to school we sing songs, say the alphabet, count to 10, say the name of all the kids in her class, etc. Ritual. Routine. Things I take for granted. On the way home I started thinking about the fact that I go through life, day in and day out, not being thankful enough. For Lila's ability to crawl. For her ability to learn. For the fact that, even though we have to thicken all of her liquids, she can drink. She can eat. She's growing. She's relatively healthy. She's learning new things every day.

Thank you, God, for the miracle of our beautiful daughter. I am so thankful.


P.S. I'm also thankful for my husband, the relationship that I have with my two big kids, my supportive family and fabulous friends.


  1. Amen. Thanks for putting it in perspective.

  2. Yes - Gratitude is a great attitude! (sorry for the Seuss-like response, but it seemed appropriate)